Advantages of using rstETH

Using the rstETH token will allow you to earn restaking rewards without fully locking your staked Ethereum. You will earn EigenLayer native interest without a lock-up, while having instant liquidity to your tokens.

The rstETH token will be used as a building block within DeFi. You will be able to use it as a collateral in lending protocols, yield aggregators and optimisers, derivatives andother financial instruments. It will allow you to optimize, leverage and customize your yield creation process. In the future, you may also be able to trade native EigenLayer yield using rstETH, similarly to how ETH yield is tradeable on Pendle’s innovative protocol.

Initially, rstETH will be on the Ethereum blockchain, but as the protocol progresses, we will be aiming towards becoming omnichain. Further chains will widen the use cases of rstETH and boost its scaling.

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