1. What is restaking through EigenLayer?

EigenLayer is a protocol built on Ethereum that introduces restaking, a new primitive in pooled cryptoeconomic security

2. What is Restake Finance?

Restake Finance is the first protocol launching modular liquid staking for EigenLayer.

3. What is rstETH?

The rstETH token is a tokenised version of restaked Ethereum. It is a rebasing, yield bearing token that allows holders to earn EigenLayer native rewards.

4. How high can I expect yields to be?

Holding rstETH guarantees seamlessly earning Ethereum’s staking rewards (estimated to vary between 3%-5%) and also EigenLayer rewards on top (estimated at 10%+).

5. How can I claim yields?

Your address’ yield will be calculated by Restake Finance and will be claimable through the dApp. Yield will accrue over time and anyone will be able to claim their specific yield anytime through the smart contract.

6. Advantages of using rstETH

Users can liquid restake their LSTs in EigenLayer through the introduction of our restaked ETH token (rstETH). rsETH will be fully liquid, tradeable on DEXs and will be integrated in DeFi protocols.

7. What is RSTK?

RSTK allows for the rehypothecation of yield in such a way that users continue earning Ethereum native interest and secure other actively validated systems while earning additional risk-adjusted yield powered by EigenLayer.

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