Introducing Restake Finance

Restake Finance is the first protocol launching modular liquid staking for EigenLayer. Rehypothecation enables LSTs to be used as cryptoeconomic security for actively validated services part of EigenLayer. We are proposing a decentralized approach for the rehypothecation of yield.

We are at the forefront of the new narrative of Rehypothecation finance. The protocol allows users to earn Ethereum staking rewards and EigenLayer native rewards without locking assets or maintaining staking infrastructure. We believe that the Ethereum economy is the largest in the space and is poised to grow due to the introduction of EigenLayer.

Users can liquid restake their LSTs in EigenLayer through the introduction of our restaked ETH token (rstETH). They will deposit LSTs (e.g. stETH) into our protocol and will receive rstETH in return – a tokenized version of their EL contribution. Their LSTs will be deposited into EL through DAO-controlled smart contracts and they will be earning Ethereum staking returns in addition to EigenLayer native returns. rstETH is decentralised and always fully backed one-to-one by stETH.

Restake Finance will be powered by the Restake Finance DAO, which will ensure that the project remains true to its decentralized nature and that its development aligns with the interests of its stakeholders. The DAO will be governed with the use of our utility and governance token – RSTK. Our core goal is to accrue value to token holders – through governance and yield generation. The system will be applying a fee on all EigenLayer restaking rewards that will be shared with RSTK token holders.

Restake Finance aims to be at the forefront of yield rehypothecation by continuously optimizing and innovating yield creation strategies.

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