What is rstETH?

The rstETH token is a tokenised version of restaked Ethereum –becoming the first liquid restaking token (LRT). It is a rebasing, yield bearing token that allows holders to earn EigenLayer native rewards. By depositing LSTs into Restake Finance, users will receive an equivalent amount of rstETH.

Holding rstETH guarantees seamlessly earning Ethereum’s staking rewards (estimated to vary between 3%-5%) and also EigenLayer rewards on top (estimated at 10%+).

rstETH is a tokenized version of restaked liquid staking tokens. It will always be fully backed and redeemable 1:1 with LSTs.

It will be fully liquid, tradeable on DEXs and will be integrated in DeFi protocols.

As Lido has above 70% market share in Ethereum liquid staking, Restake Finance will first be integrating stETH into their protocol before moving forward to other LSTs.

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